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Interactivity is the cornerstone of the web, and custom cgi scripts for your web site are the best way to increase interactivity, and provide that 'custom' image for your company.

Interactive content is a giant step beyond client/server and the dead Web. The key distinguishing characteristic of interactivity content is that under the covers there will be serious application logic that allows users to not only view information, but also take meaningful action -- order goods, get services and help, juggle a personal portfolio, or restock inventory.

Exploding consumer and business demand for interactive content will force a collision of Web authors and client/server developers -- the result of this big bang will be interactivity content .

Choose, the company with local roots and a global reach. With online expertise, dedicated customer service teams and complete, start-to-finish Internet solutions for home and business, is the only choice for your Internet personal or business needs.

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