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Casino roulette:
Getting into the action

Casino roulette, only really necessarily labeled so to differentiate it from the online versions that have shown up of late, is like so many other casino games in existence, a game of luck, not a game of mastery. In casino roulette the table can usually accommodate six to eight people. On the table is a layout containing all 38 numbers. Understanding the table minimum goes like so: if the minimum is five, you must bet five if you are betting even, odd, black, or red. If you are betting an inside bet (on a specific number or a set of them) then your bet has to total five dollars, meaning you could have five one dollar bets on different numbers on a five dollar minimum table. Online versions may differ from casino roulette on this point.

Casino roulette often has different chips than you find in the rest of the establishment. This is specific to the roulette tables and is basically so that the dealer can differentiate who placed which bet, as each player plays with different colored chips.

The game play is pretty basic. You place your chips on either red, black, odd, even, or at some tables the first range of numbers (1-18) or the second (19-36). Casino roulette dealers don’t have a problem accepting bets after the ball is dropped and the wheel is spinning, but they will after they wave their hands and yell ‘No more bets!’

When the ball comes to it’s resting place the dealer calls the number, places a clear plastic cylinder over the winning number and chips, then sweeps the board clean of losing bets. Only after this are you paid by the dealer.