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Working roulette systems?
Not likely

It is most likely the simple mathematics behind the odds of roulette that inspire so many hopefuls to create a personal theory, and this is how many roulette systems are born. Believe me there are many… so many. So what’s to say about this phenomenon? Are there any roulette systems that truly enhances your chances so to speak? Short answer, no. Long answer? They are all worthless. Hey I didn’t say it would be very long did I? Most are harmless ways to muddle around with your chips and spread out your bets, all the while facing the unalterable 5.26% house edge. My personal recommendation? Don’t spend a cent on any roulette systems, they can be designed to lull you in to thinking you're secure, just before you lose a large chunk of change. Many roulette systems are variations of the martingale system, a “double up until you win” approach that you should certainly dismiss.

There are some progressive single number roulette systems that can achieve a small win if the number hits within two hundred spins. But around one in every two hundred sessions you lose a bundle, and it could really happen at any time.

When it comes to the world of online roulette, there are a few sites on the Internet selling “systems” which purport to analyze an online casino’s roulette game and develop patterns. I have many doubts as to the authenticity, but I suppose it is possible that an online roulette game could be programmed poorly, and in turn be subject to this style of exploitation.